We are pleased to announce the Florida Medical Cannabis Conference, L.L.C, presented by Green Palms Health and Wellness.

Please join us as we say “KNOW” to Cannabis and increase our community awareness and “KNOW”ledge in making informative choices. The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference (FMCC) is a conference designed to provide a means to demonstrate why joining more than half of Americans in our mission in supporting the legalization of medical cannabis and offering continued education to medical professionals will directly save lives and impact the health and wellness of Florida professionals and residents.

This is a unique opportunity, under one roof, on one day, to participate in an educational forum with a panel of prominent community leaders, politicians, physicians, and industry experts, as they share their informative knowledge candidly by offering an interactive exhibitor tradeshow with medical consultations on site. Physicians and other healthcare professionals will have opportunities to receive CME’s and CEU’s during breakout sessions. We are looking forward to over 300 attendees and medical professionals.

The vision of FMCC is to empower Florida residents in determining what treatments and possible natural alternatives will aid in their wellness destiny. We educate physicians and healthcare providers, provide community awareness, knowledge of protocols and dosing to the legalities and details needed to start your own practice or feel comfortable enough to refer to an established certified medical marijuana physician in your area. Also, keep up to date on industries knowledge of the plant and its healing benefits to understanding how it is cultivated and lab tested for a clean medical treatment in conjunction with current treatment plans or instead of a treatment that is not healing and working for chronically ill. 

We anticipate leading an industry and changing any negative stigma, during its infancy, as it takes a few brave, bold visionaries to make it happen. 
Please review the enclosed exhibitor proposal and sponsorship opportunities. Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly, as we are more than happy to customize a sponsorship opportunity for your company that will best suit your marketing needs.

Your partnership will make our 2018 Florida Medical Cannabis Conference Series a success. The vital support of our industry partners, truly contributes to our Community’s awareness, and directly makes a difference in people’s lives.

Thank you for considering this remarkable opportunity. Together, we demonstrate our community’s strength.

Thank you for your consideration in providing financial support for todays’ community and the health and natural healing of our future.

Share our mission to educate! 

Our Best,

Jill Giles
Dawn Yarnell
FMCC, Co-Founders 

(239) 298-3544 or email: jill.giles@flmedicannabis.com