Medical Marijuana Testimonial

” Medical cannabis is a potent and safe tool in my wellness kit of life. ”

Valerie Lollett

September 25, 2020 by Surterra Wellness (FL Dispensary)

 My relationship with medical cannabis is multidimensional. I choose this extraordinary plant as a medicine for my physical ailments. I use it as a supplement and a booster for my immune system. It is also a fantastic anxiolytic and natural provider of ease and relaxation for my mind. 

Medical cannabis is a comprehensive, potent, and safe tool in my wellness kit of life. It is very gratifying to understand that this plant has been around since the beginning of time, being used by ancient cultures and health practitioners of all kinds. And now, it is back to our lives and backed up by modern science so that we can take full advantage of its fantastic properties and effects. 

Our wellbeing is about making good choices. Choosing Surterra is one of mine.