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CBD and your endocannabinoid system

Green Palms Power Plant CBD Oil

Research has emerged indicating the naturally occurring endocannabinoid system can help the body maintain homeostasis, or biological harmony. This system is involved in a wide variety of processes and functions including anxiety and pain, sleep, immune and inflammatory responses, memory, metabolism, and more. CBD has not been shown to cause any dependence or abuse potential, but should be treated as a medication.

We carry a variety of CBD options, and recommend scheduling an appointment to discuss and address your specific needs. People may have the misconception CBD doesn’t work for them when often an adjustment in dosing is all that’s necessary to obtain the benefits. Dawn Yarnell, a co-founder of Green Palms Health and Wellness, provides free consultations to educate and assist you.

Jill Giles and Dawn Yarnell, co-founders of Green Palms Health & Wellness, as well as medical marijuana certifying physician Dr. Paul Wieseman are all themselves patients. Jill was diagnosed with Lupus in 2002, and after bouncing from specialist to specialist as her symptoms progressed she discovered medical marijuana and has since been able to get rid of 8 of her 9 prescription medications. Green Palms Health & Wellness personally tests each product we find that follows established guidelines, and only after we evaluate our first-hand experiences is a product considered. We take your health and safety seriously.

We specialize in water soluble CBD which provides a more instant effect versus traditional CBD oils in which you may only feel approximately 10% of the oil’s benefits. Taking CBD as a daily supplement may help those with chronic conditions, and can also be a helpful addition to those looking to maintain health, maximize their full physical potential, and lower the risk of developing chronic conditions.