Clinic Information

Located in sunny Naples

Naples, nestled into the Gulf of Mexico in sunny southwest Florida, is well known for its world-class culture, cuisine, boutiques, and beaches, and is home to one of the six 3C locations.

Prospective patients are encouraged to call to make an appointment, and can have questions regarding the process answered.

Is medical cannabis right for you? We invite you to call our office so we can share how our process works and set you up with an appointment. At the roughly 15-minute appointment, we can answer questions and discuss whether you have a diagnosis that meets all of the requirements of the medical cannabis use criteria.

We offer education on:

  • How cannabis works with your body to balance your endocannabinoid system
  • How to avoid the “high” feeling
  • Dosing with the various methods available from dispensaries
  • How to gradually increase and adjust dosing to prevent feeling overly medicated
  • How to find relief from your symptoms, which can lead to a decrease in use of prescription medications

Most importantly, we offer each of our patients our personal cell phone numbers to reach us with questions and to provide help while at a dispensary or if they’re feeling uncomfortable. Patients can reach us seven days a week, unlike other doctor’s offices who will make you wait for a call back. We don’t charge our patients for calling with questions, we’re here to work with you and help educate you!

Sunset on the beach with palm trees

3200 Bailey Ln, #111, Naples, FL 34105

Our office is located in north Naples across from Grey Oaks in the Wilson Professional Building. We’re situated on the first floor in suite 111 for your convenience. Our scenic office space and soothing atrium help put you at ease and leave you feeling relaxed before you even meet our friendly, inviting staff. Together we’ll sit on one of the comfortable couches or chairs to get to know you and determine what we can do to serve you.