February 20-23, 2020  AGENDA COMING SOON (below is last years itinerary kept on site to show previous content to learn more about content FMCC offers)


PATIENT Medical Marijuana Certification/ID cards (BY APPT ONLY, RSVP EARLY)


Time Friday, February 22nd
1:00 PM –
7:00 PM
EXPO Hall Open
1:00 PM Registration and Ticket Sales
2:00 PM –
6:00 PM
Patient & Student Session – Emceed by Josephine Krehl, LCSW
2:00 PM Judge Doug Bench – Converting the Prohibitionists: The Forgotten Victims
2:30 PM Colette Florido – The Healing Benefits of CBD
3:00 PM Dr. Kelly King – Cannabis 101
3:30 PM Dr. Terel Newton, MD – Medical Cannabis Dosing as an Alternative to Opioids for Chronic Non-Malignant Pain
4:00 PM Stephanie Kronen – The Role of the Dispensary
4:30 PM Dr. William Duffy Troutt, NMD – Cannabis and the Senior Adult
5:00 PM Robert Platshorn – The Role of Cannabis with the Senior Citizen
5:30 PM Veterans Panel – Dr. Kelly King (Moderator), Jeff Demond, Jose Belen, Joshua Littrel, Robert Roundtree, Jaime Renee Cruz
7:00 PM Major Contributors Reception  Harvest Terrace – Tickets Required



Time Saturday, February 23rd – Main Session Schedule
8:30 AM Welcome and Introductions-Officiated by JP Smith, Celsius Marketing
8:45 AM Dr. Michelle Weiner, DO, MPH – Pain Management and Cannabis
9:30 AM Dr. Terel Newton, MD – Medical Cannabis Dosing – Where to Start
10:15 AM Dr. Joseph Rosado – PTSD and Cannabis
11:00 AM Dr. Kelly King – Treating the Senior Adult and Meeting their Expectations
11:30 AM Dr. Nicholas Bottaro – 15-Minute Cannabis Consultation and Choosing Diagnosis Chronic Pain for Cannabis
1:00 PM Dr. Eric Exelbert – Cannabis and Pediatrics
1:45 PM Dr. Brazelia Lazzari – CBD as a Treatment Option
2:15 PM Dr. Terel Newton, MD – Evidence Based Medical Cannabis
3:00 PM Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter – Your Medical Practice and Cannabis
3:30 PM Dr. Barry Gordon, M.D. – Evolving Medical Cannabis
4:15 PM Join Main Session for Legislative Panel and meeting their expectations


Time Saturday, February 23rd - Breakout Session 1
9:00 AM Kevin Hall - Lessons Learned from Canadian Legalization and Cannabis in the Workplace
10:00 AM Carrie D. McClain Kight, Esquire - Florida Hemp Laws
10:30 AM Michael Minardi, Esq - Past, Present and Future of Cannabis
11:00 AM Daniel Vorisek, PhD - Interpretations of Cannabis Lab Reports
11:30 AM Frank Soska - Cannabis Nursing in Florida's Medical Marijuana Program
1:00 PM Joe Dolce - Relief without the High
1:30 PM Josephine Krehl, LCSW - End of Life and Hospice
2:15 PM Don Moxley - The Role of Cannabinoids in Influencing Human Performance at an Elite Level
3:00 PM Victoria Walker - What Cannabis Looks Like in Florida
3:45 PM Bill Monroe - Cannabis Careers
4:15 PM Join Main Session for Legislative Panel
Time Saturday, February 23rd - Breakout Session 2
10 AM - 11 AM Business & Regulation Panel - Alex Nachman, Daniel Sparks, Dr. Shiraz Farooq, M.D., Eric Stevens, Kevin Hall, Tom Quigley, Victoria Walker (Moderator)
11 AM - 11:45 AM Marketing & Branding Panel - Andrew Felix, David Rakower, Pete Sessa, Robert Roundtree, Michael Thompson, JP Smith (Moderator)
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM Cultivation Panel - Chris Williams, Don Moxley, Bill Monroe (Moderator)
2:00 PM Vijay Choksi, Esq - Cannabis Laws
2:45 PM Joe Dolce - Dispensaries, Train Your Employees & Why Education Before Medication Interactive Workshop
3:30 PM Lisa LeFevre, Rt(R), MBA - Business in Cannabis, Florida to Colorado and Back
4:15 PM Join Main Session for Legislative Panel

VIP Saturday Evening Party 

Time Sunday, February 24th
8:00 AM -
12:00 PM
EXPO Hall Open and Networking

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