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We host FMCC conferences for helping, educating, and certifying patients in our office and mobile clinic for healing! Green Palms Health and Wellness, it’s what we do!

4 Simple Steps to See if You Qualify!

Patient Intake Step 1

Initial Evaluation

Call 239-298-3544 or book online to schedule an initial evaluation appointment. You may also take the pre-qualification survey and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once scheduled, fill out all the online forms (basically reading and signing). These must be completed PRIOR to your appointment. You’ll need to bring to your appointment or have your specialist or primary care physicians fax to us your medical records dated within the last year that document your qualifying condition(s). (fax 239-236-1543) We can not schedule an appointment without receiving records prior. In the event you do not have a medical history established with a Physician our Green Palms Health and Wellness Physician,  will do a full evaluation at your initial appointment for an additional fee.

What does your 1st visit include? 

Dr. Kyritsis will conduct the State required health history and physical exam. We’ll review your history, medications, health goals & discuss dosing and cannabis delivery methods. Dr will enter your certification with the Office of Medical Marijuana (health dept) and your orders into the state registry system.

The cost for our initial certification evaluation is $250.  (we do not charge to pre-qualify as some physicians may charge)
We offer a $50 discount for veterans. 


After receiving your certification and being entered by our physician into the State Registry, the Office of Medical Marijuana Use will email you a login and issue your patient number.

In order to receive the required ID card, a patient and caregiver (if applicable) must submit a completed application to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use they will need a copy of State license or passport (if you do not have drivers license), proof of residency and the required fee to the mmur (currently $75). Please contact one of our Liaisons with any questions.

A temporary ID card will be issued to the patient/caregiver via email once the application is approved. As of November 2017, a patient/caregiver may purchase medication with the temporary card until the physical card arrives by mail.

Obtain Medicine

We do not dispense medication. Only state licensed Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), known as dispensaries, can legally provide medication. A list of qualified dispensaries will be provided to you or it is listed on our website.

We recommend experimenting with different products and strains to find the best fit before making a large purchase. You will likely know within the first 1-2 days of use if a product and method is effective for your needs.

Our Liaison’s will work with you on-going to continue to bring you education.

Follow Up Appointments

New patients who are taking many medications with co-morbidities are asked to follow-up with the doctor approximately 2-4 months after their initial certification so that we can assure you are responding to the best treatment plans. This follow up visit allows us to fully assess your medical cannabis treatment and ensure that you receive only the best guidance and care possible. The state requires re-certiifcation every 210 days it is recommend you schedule this appointment 1 month prior to 210 days so your care is not interrupted.

The cost for our follow up visits are $50-75.  Recertification a month prior to 210 days is $199. (must see Dr prior to your 210 expiration date to avoid interruption of care)

Use this form to request an appointment. You will need to  provide specific information here in order to schedule your appointment. Once completed, you will be taken to the patient intake forms to fill out. Please fill them out completely and the final form print and bring with you.

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About Us

We are dedicated to providing people in need, streamlined access to natural medicine that delivers relief in ways synthetic chemicals cannot, to provide education to clinical-community members and the public, and to be an expert resource through the healing process. Read more…

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The Mobile Medical Clinic can be scheduled by a business or anyone who can HOST a one hour conference in your home or community. We want to make your clinical experience as convenient as possible!
We host bi-annual conferences to empower you and patrons with the proper knowledge as to why you should use medical cannabis (including the benefits & safety thereof). You may also schedule a private session with the Physician on the day of the conference.
Space is limited for appointments. Once you sign up for the conference a representative will contact you.
(by appointment only North Naples, Tamiami Trail)

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See our story…under Green Palms Wellness and Health. Feel free to request an appointment or email us with any questions you may have concerning qualifying, conferences, appointments.

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Our belief is to enable the free choice of Florida patients to alternative medicine. To bring awareness and education to our cause in the state of Florida.

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