Purchasing Medical Cannabis from a Dispensary

Did you know you are not limited to one dispensary?

As a patient at Green Palms Health and Wellness you have several options for purchasing medication. Our new dispensaries will be opening in Bonita and Ft Myers very soon (Trulieve and Curaleaf located within 30 miles)

You have an option after your first order to select a different dispensary for your next order. Keep us informed of your favorite MMTC via email-us@flmedicannabis.com We want to hear from you. Our hope is to help each patient acquire quality treatment and to help keep dispensaries informed of what works for you.

Tips for Your First Purchase

Have a plan. We highly recommend you research dispensaries, their products, prices before you make a visit. Many offer daily/weekly discounts and first time coupons with very decent savings. We’re happy to give suggestions on where to start and answer any questions you may have.

Unless you feel comfortable about what works for you, don’t ever make a random purchase. Under Florida law, patients can make as many purchases as necessary during your 70 day order period, up to your physician recommended milligram limit.   





1 844-878-5438

Trulieve is Florida’s first fully operating MMTC. Owned and operated by Floridians, Trulieve has multiple locations throughout the state and offers delivery. They have the largest variety of medication types and strains. Orders can be placed online, in person, or through the call center. The majority of vaporizer products include MCT oil as a cutting agent.

Lab reports are available online.

Multiple locations in the Tampa Bay Area and now in Ft Myers.


  • 15% off first order

  • One time use – $75 off $150 order

Truliever Rewards Program – Earn 10% off with every 500 points ($1 spent = 1 point)

  • You must sign up for this program


Trulieve’s Truclear product is the least expensive medical cannabis product available in Florida at 7 cents per milligram. The majority of vaporizer cartridges and oils are comparable with Aphria prices.


$25 next day Statewide

Product Types: 

Tinctures, vaporizer cartridges & cups, capsules, topical cream, oil syringes
oral concentrate

Strains (may vary in availability): 

9lb Hammer, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet, Chem Dawg, Dogwalker OG, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Grand Daddy Purple





Surterra has physical locations in Tampa and Tallahassee, NOW in Bonita Springs, with delivery statewide. Surterra is uniquely different from other MMTC’s as they do not stress the importance of medical cannabis strains. Instead, they formulate their products to target specific conditions & symptoms based off of the CBD to THC ratio and a set profile of natural terpenes. Lab results are available online. Tampa location near USF. 

Promotions: $50 off $100 order for first-time patients 
15% Veteran’s discount


Surterra’s prices are a mixed bag. Their vapes are the least expensive on the market, while their other products are some of the most expensive – some more than double the competition.


$10 if no store in your area

Product Types:

Disposable style vaporizer pens, tincture oil, lotion, oral sprays


None available.


When you get to the dispensary notify them that you are a first-time patient and may need some assistance. Ask questions about the products and available offerings.






Formerly CHT medical, Aphria is an established Canadian cannabis company known for high-quality products. They don’t currently have physical locations but will deliver free of charge.  Their vaporizers are single use, so you do not have to buy a battery. They are also free of all cutting agents. Orders can be placed via phone or email.


  • 10% Off First Order

  • 10% Off Veterans & Active Military

  • 10% Off Financial Hardship – proof of enrollment in Federal or State public benefits program


Overall Aphria’s prices are slightly cheaper or comparable with Trulieve. Their capsules are much cheaper than other options on the market.



Product Types:

Capsules, oral solutions, and vaporizer cartridges

Strains (may vary in availability): 

Chemdawg, First 48, Hazeberry/Hawaiian blend, Blue Dream, Jack Frost, Pineapple Express, Pure CBD


Liberty Health Sciences believes that all qualified patients should have access to affordable medical cannabis to relieve their medical conditions.


We are committed to treating all patients with compassion, respect, and dignity regardless of socioeconomic, disability, or health status. Liberty Health Sciences offers discounts to help patients who meet specified eligibility criteria obtain access to our high-quality medical cannabis products.

Important Note – Eligibility

• Participation in the discount program is based on the patient’s financial status or military status, not that of his or her caregiver.

• If the patient’s need for financial assistance or the status of their enrollment in a financial assistance program changes, the patient must report these changes to Liberty Health Sciences as soon as possible.

Important Note – Online Ordering

Prices and orders placed on this website do not reflect eligible discounts. Appropriate discounts will be applied at the time of product and payment exchange. Discounts do not stack. *The medical cannabis discount program is applicable to residents of Florida only who are current, active patients in the State of Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use registry. Discounts not applicable on purchases of PAX™ pods.


First-time patients 

10% discount and free delivery 


$75 off your purchase of $150 or more

Eligibility requirements:

  • Confirmation that no prior medical cannabis orders for the patient have been filled by Liberty Health Science
  • An active patient recommendation in the State of Florida OMMU Registry

Not applicable on purchases of PAX™ pods.


Military veterans and retired first responders 25% discount

Eligibility requirements:

  • Military identification card
  • Veteran identification card or veteran designation on Florida driver license
  • An active patient recommendation in the State of Florida OMMU Registry

Not applicable to purchases of PAX™ pods.


Compassionate pricing:

10% discount

Eligibility requirements:

  • Proof of current enrollment in a federal or state program that provides financial assistance to the patient (e.g., recent award letter with the patient name and social security number on it)

  • If the patient is a minor, proof of current enrollment in a federal or state program that provides financial assistance to the parent or legal guardian of the patient

  • Examples of eligible programs in which the patient may be enrolled include: Medicaid, Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or SUNCAP Food Assistance Program

  • An active patient recommendation in the State of Florida OMMU Registry

Not applicable to purchases of PAX™ pods.

Valid 11/1/2017 – 1/9/2020
Daily Specials!
Monday: MuV Monday – 30% Off all MuV products Tuesday: 25% off all edibles Wednesday: Shelf 8th price drop; Top $30, Mid $25, Bottom $20 Private Reserve price drop – $40 8ths on Wednesday ONLY! Thursdays: 20% off

Valid 11/24/2017 – 11/2/2022
MuV delivers with Supurb!
We offer local delivery through Supurb.com! Our delivery hours are; Sunday 10am – 5pm Monday 10am-7pm Tuesday 10am – 9pm Wednesday 10am – 9pm Friday 10am – 9pm Saturday

Valid until 2/12/2020
Express Ordering
Are you on a time crunch? Give us a call at 602-358-8771 to place your express order.* We will have it ready in approximately 30 minutes, making your medicine run a breeze.

Valid 8/25/2017 – 1/19/2023
New Patient Specials!
Purchase a 0.5 gram of wax & get a 0.5 gram of wax of equal or lesser value for free! OR Purchase 1 gram of flower & get 1 gram of flower for

Valid 5/1/2018 – 5/2/2020




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